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Handyman 112 - Got a Tough Home Repair or Install Job?  No Problem!

Whether you are moving into a new house or apartment with repairs or installs to do, it can be overwhelming, and there is always something that needs fixing.  Let’s face it — you can’t always keep up on everything.  You have frames to hang, a flat screen TV to set up, or floors to be re-tiled, etc.

Ladies - Let Your New Man Do It, Without the Strings Attached!


Handyman 112 is here to give you the help you need for all jobs to be done.  And we aren’t just talking about putting up frames.  With many years of experience, Handyman 112 can do the complex projects your real significant other may have put off!  We can start as soon as you need us to, and will always arrive on time and ready to work.

Our Promise

Handyman 112 is available whenever you need us.  We can handle a wide number of repair, install, reorganization, and other home or apartment tasks that you just can’t get to yourself.  Just have a look at our services to see how we can assist you.  And unlike your partner, we won’t even complain for a second while you sit back, relax, and maybe even toss back a drink or two while watching us do our thing!

It’s our aim to make your whole day, and life in general, seem oh...., so much better!

Handyman 112  Can Help You Now!

We provide:-

  • Experienced, professional, & RELIABLE tradesmen to solve all sorts of problems around your home.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Manpower to accommodate unusual working hours for priority jobs in order to meet your deadlines.
  • Project management for those larger jobs which require supervision, but you have too little time for yourself.
  • Assistance at weekends if required.

Satisfaction guaranteed: if you are not happy with our work, we’ll come back to do it again for you at no charge.

Call Handyman 112 today on 07981 655379

Handyman 112 Availability:

  • Standard working hours are 08.30 - 17.30 hrs Monday - Friday.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance - Outside of normal office hours.
  • We cover the following areas: Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and other areas when required.

Handyman 112 Prices:

  • Prices start as low as £20 per hour *** (plus 1st hour zone fee **)
    Inner Zone = FREE, Middle Zone = £10.00, Outer Zone = £20.00
    Premium rates apply for emergency call outs.
  • Cheaper rates are available on longer jobs.
  • Discounts available to OAP’s.

*** Gold services are likely to attract a higher charge rate.

**  May not always be applied, dependent on location and job duration.

We also carry £1m of public liability insurance.

.... And finally - How many times have you attempted a job, which has ended in tears?

PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t bite off more than you can chew - Call Handyman 1-1-2 we’ll do the job for you!


“For those committed to service improvement...”

We focus on jobs of any size for half an hour to several weeks.  All our tradesmen are carefully selected for their quality of workmanship and reliability.


We are perfect for jobs like this:

Making good damaged paint / plaster
Replacing damaged / old grout
Re-sealing in bathrooms / kitchens
Big redecorating jobs (e.g. several days)
Interior Design

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Specialist paint effects

General Tasks

We are perfect for jobs like this:

Hanging plasma / LCD screens
Hanging pictures / mirrors
Putting up shelves
Fitting blinds / curtains
Assembling furniture
Laying wooden flooring
Assistance moving furniture
Space saving garage shelving

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Rising Damp

House & Garden

We are perfect for jobs like this:

House painting (very competitive prices!)
Grass cutting & edge trimming
Digging and weeding
Cutting down and removing SMALL trees
General garden tidy
Patio cleaning

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Landscaping & decking
Patios & driveways

Fencing & Gates

We are perfect for jobs like this:

New or replacement wooden fencing
Make and install bespoke wooden gates
Install metal garden gates
Stain or paint wooden fences and gates

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Concrete Fencing
Bespoke metal gates


We are perfect for jobs like this:

Complex carpentry
Changing locks
Hanging doors
Bespoke shed construction

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Replacement window seals


We are perfect for jobs like this:

All aspects of internal & external plaster work
Lime rendering
Pebble dashing
Arches & Coving

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Repair of cornices


We are perfect for jobs like this:

Tap washer replacement
Unblocking sinks / toilets

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

Bathroom suite installations
Kitchin installations


We are perfect for jobs like this:

Fault diagnostics
Fuse & plug replacement
Replacement fittings

...but you’d be better off with a specialist tradesman for these sorts of jobs:

House rewiring
New sockets & fuseboxes

Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are not happy with our work, we’ll come back to do it again for you at no charge.


Seasonal Promotions - Save Pounds!

  • Book now for the summer and Handyman 112  will give you a 10% discount off the price for painting your house.
  • Book now for the summer and Handyman 112  will give you a 10% discount off the price for staining your fence.
  • Let us decorate your lounge or other rooms before the summer begins.  All work completed before 31st May will receive a 5% discount.  Have two rooms decorated together and get 10% discount off Both!


Fact or Fiction?

  • "Great service, thanks."
  • "Fantastic, a credit to your business."
  • "Mike was great, please pass on our thanks."
  • "Colin was really lovely, helpful and very efficient and friendly.  Cheers!"
  • "Top work, no complaints."
  • "No problems.  Again work done well and friendly too."
  • "Super friendly and efficient service.  Thank you."
  • "Very friendly and helpful, good job done."
  • "Brilliant!"
  • "When I need another service, I hope it will be Mike again."
  • "We were very happy with the service, thanks."
  • "Les was excellent and gave very helpful advice.  I will definitley use this service again and recommend to others."
  • "Both chaps were fantastic."
  • "Very fast and friendly."
  • "Colin was excellent, will request him again."
  • "Fast, efficient and very tidy, thank you."
  • "We would use your service again + recommend."
  • "I thought he was excellent and very pleasant."
  • "This gentleman was a true professional sets a standard above rest."
  • "They were great and able to provide extra hands last minute."
  • "Exactly what I needed."

In truth it is completely academic whether the comments above are true or just made up.  Without a means to authenticate these claims they will not offer much reassurance to you - a valued potential customer who has never used us before.

Thus, what can we do to offer you some level of reassurance: -

  • We don’t ask for any money until the job has been completed to YOUR satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I not heard of you before?
Lots of people ask this!  We don't advertise much - a big proportion of our business comes through referrals from satisfied customers, and we like it that way.  It means we can spend more time focusing on delivering great service, and less time on deciding where we should advertise.  Please bear this in mind when you use us - the success of our business relies on word-of-mouth, so do pass on the word if you are happy with our service.

How much does your service cost?
£20 per/hr up to four hours, plus a £0.00 - £20.00 callout (depending on price location zone and job duration - call to check).  Jobs longer than four hours switch to a day rate (£150.00 per day).

Does this include materials?
No - materials are extra.  Most customers use us purely as a labour service, but we are happy to fetch particular parts for you if needed.

Do your handymen come with all the right tools?
Yes! All our handymen carry a full range of tools to tackle a huge number of different jobs.  They also carry a wide selection of small parts (screws, nails, wall plugs and so forth).

Do you do free estimates?
Generally, we can give you a good idea over the telephone of how long a job is likely to take.  You can then book someone in, and when they arrive they will confirm or revise the estimate based on what they find at the job.  If it is clearly going to take a lot longer than expected, and you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you anything.  If you are happy to go ahead then our handyman will do the job there and then.  For larger jobs, like fitting a new bathroom, we would usually make a separate visit first to give you an estimate.

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry £1m of public liability insurance.

How quickly can you come out?
Subject to staff availability in some cases right away.  However, most of the work we do is booked in a couple of days in advance.  We can often squeeze jobs in on the same day as they are booked, though, so it is worth calling to check availability.

Do you offer a 24hr service?
No - Usual hours are 09.00 - 17.00hrs Monday to Friday.  We can do jobs in the evening and weekends by arangement.

How do you know that the people you use are reliable?
Unlike many firms in the building and maintenance industry, all our tradesmen work for us on a regular, we don’t just subcontract jobs out to other people.  We only work with those who are: skilled in the sort of work we take on; who are polite and well presented; who are friendly and understand the importance of customer service.  Bear in mind, though, that all our specialist tradesmen are just that: specialists.  There may be some jobs that we can’t tackle, in which case we will always tell you and try and recommend a suitable specialist to use instead of our own.

Will I have to wait in all day for your handyman to show up?
No - All our tradesmen will phone you prior to arrival, normally the day before and arrange a time they aim to arrive, which is mutually convenient.  We are nearly always right on time, but sometimes (particularly towards the end of the day) we might be a little late.  But we will always call you well in advance to let you know our revised estimated arrival time.

How big a job can you take on?
Providing we have the necessary skills to do the job, there is really no limit.

What areas do you cover?
Primarily Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, however we are willing to travel further a field if required, for jobs, which are financially viable.

How can I pay?
We accept cash or cheque.

Do you do office work?
Yes, certainly.  Many companies use us to take care of their everyday maintenance requirements.  There is no formal account-opening procedure, just call us on 07981-655379, we will send someone round and then bill you afterwards.  All we ask is that invoices are paid within 7 days.

If you require a regular visit (e.g. once a month) then we can set that up too, and we would be able to offer you a big discount off our usual rates.  Please call 07981-655379 to discuss your requirements with one of our staff.


How can we help?

 Stevenage, UK

 Phone: 07981 655379

 Email: info@handyman112.co.uk